What We Do?

Power House, founded in the first half of 2022 after the required infrastructure was built, operates with a primary focus on startups that develop video technology-driven software. Power House also seeks investment opportunities in startups with promising potential.

Power House follows the latest technologies, including but not limited to the ones listed below, used in the sector or developed from scratch.

  • AI Dubbing
  • AI Subtitle
  • Frame Capture
  • Synthetic Dubbing
82%In 2022, video is expected to constitute 82% of global internet traffic
720KEvery day nearly 720,000 hours of new video content is uploaded to YouTube alone
84Min.Average global daily video viewing time

Our Mission

Power House aims to remove the limitations of manual operations in the sector with the help of software, to create more products faster and better, to deliver a wider range of services, and to expand the scope of such services.

Power House may also make use of projects or products within the organization or place them with partners and stakeholders to improve their performance and promote the growth and development ofthe business.

Power House is owned by Key Networks Holding A.Ş.

Other Group brands:

Merzigo - KVod - Başlat - Voxl - Keycon - Key Record