Frequently Asked Questions
When and why was Power House founded?

Power House was born in 2021 from the idea of creating a digital technology ecosystem and the vision of improving the quality of the group’s work in digital media and adding new technologies and business models to the system. It was incorporated as a company in the first half of 2022 and began to invest in its first startups. Power House aims to support startups from the idea stage through the implementation of the business idea, to bring startups operating in its focus verticals into the organization and to develop, accelerate and scale them through various activities and programs.

What is the mission of Power House?

Power House aims to remove the limitations of manual operations in the sector with the help of software, to create more products faster and better, to deliver a wider range of services, and to expand the scope of such services.

Power House may also make use of projects or products within the organization or place them with partners and stakeholders to improve their performance and promote the growth and development of the business.

What is the promise of Power House?

Power House is well positioned and equipped with the necessary knowhow to create significant potential for the startup or product selected for investment.

Power House contributes to the development of the products in its investment portfolio by encouraging their use in the currently purchased or outsourced works.

Power House promotes the startups in its investment portfolio and increase their visibility by featuring them in relevant events.

Power House also provides a work space and technical facilities to help with the process, if the beneficiary of the investment is a natural person who seeks to develop a project or to turn it into a product.


What is the significance of the solutions and services offered to the users?

If the startup we invest in is already incorporated as a company, we create mutual benefit by leveraging our knowhow and marketing strength. In case of a natural person benefiting from our investment, we support them through the process until the product they have developed or the project they intend to develop is finalized and deployed by providing the necessary facilities (office space, equipment, etc.).

Who are potential partners for Power House?
  • Companies seeking funding for the products they develop
  • Business owners who want to develop their projects and create products
  • Software developers seeking opportunities to implement their projects
What are Power House’s technology focus areas?
  • AI Dubbing
  • AI Subtitle
  • Scene Capture
  • Synthetic Anonymization
How is Power House different from other brands?

Power House is the only company that invests in video technology startups.

How do I apply to Power House?
You may start by filling out our Power House Investment Application Form form.

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